How to Remove Plagiarism

How to Remove Plagiarism in Dissertation within 24 Hours?


Plagiarism is using someone else’s word or ideas without properly crediting the original author or thinker. Whether you use someone else’s work intentionally or unintentionally, it will be considered plagiarized and it is a serious offense in academic circles and universities have very strict rules for dealing with it. Students end up plagiarising when they are working on their dissertation; it is because they build upon the work of others and use various resources for information and evidence. Regardless of what happened, you must remove plagiarism from your dissertation as soon as possible before presenting the paper to the teacher to avoid any trouble, facing embarrassment in the class, or losing grades.

According to experts of dissertation editing services, plagiarism can have serious consequences; thus you must understand the right ways and means to remove plagiarism quickly, even in as little as 24 hours if your deadline is just a day away. All you need to do is understand the most effective and quick means of removing plagiarism and you will be ready with a unique and custom dissertation within no time. Discussed here are the top tried and tested ways with help of which you can remove plagiarism from the dissertation within 24 hours.

Trace All The Sources You Have Used:

The best thing to do when you have little time to remove plagiarism from your dissertation is to track all the resources you have used. You must have made notes, checked things online, or recorded information; go through those notes, look at the browser history and recorded information and see from where you obtained research material for the dissertation.

Plagiarism occurs when you find the right source but forget to mention it and unintentionally present it as your own.  When you trace the sources and provide their details, you will be able to remove the plagiarism and avoid facing any trouble with the professor. Just going back to the place from where you found a phrase, fact, or idea that you have used in the dissertation is enough to save you.

Put Quotes At The Right Places:

If you have tried to paraphrase from the source without giving due credit to the author or use the quote as it is, you must quote the original text with reference. Quoting means copying a piece of text word-for-word and the copied text must be enclosed in quotation marks and correctly attributed to the original author or thinker.

If you are have not used quotes but copied the idea or the information in your own words or paraphrased it, it can still be counted as plagiarism as you are stealing someone else’s work.  Here too you will have to provide the reference or put quotes to remove any hint of plagiarism. You can avoid plagiarism in paraphrasing by making sure that your content is not too similar to the original and you do not end up using the same phrases or words in your text in the same order as in the original work.

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In-Text Citation:

If you are using a quote or paraphrasing, using in-text citation can save you from plagiarism.  An in-text citation also known as footnote cation can help to identify the original author along with the publication of the year and page number from where the reference has been taken. Along with in-text citation, you should also provide full reference in the reference list of bibliography at the end of the dissertation and this will take care of the plagiarism issue for you. It will tell the teacher where the information came from and he or she will be able to locate the source and you will be able to remove any trace of plagiarism from the dissertation.

Use A Plagiarism Checker:

It is the quickest way to detect and get rid of plagiarism as you see it in the dissertation. Most of the universities make use of reliable and trusted plagiarism checkers to detect plagiarism in their students’ papers and also recommend students to use them before they present their papers. This way the students can have their document scanned and have it compared to a huge database of publications and websites. Any material that is plagiarized will be highlighted and you can change it or remove it very conveniently.

You must understand what plagiarism is and why it is considered such a big offense. With this knowledge, you will be motivated to do things the right way and get rid of it to submit a high-quality paper to the teacher.